Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland

The mission of the Ukrainian Education Hub in Poland is to promote integration into the local community of Ukrainians who are currently in the territory of this country.

Project was created for citizens of Ukraine, which as the result of the aggression by Russia, were forced to leave their homeland and are currently in Poland.


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Event announcement

FREE Polish language learning platform for Ukrainians🇵🇱

The Association of Innovative and Digital Education, with the support of the Deloitte Poland Foundation, has developed a FREE platform for learning the Polish language for one million Ukrainians who moved to Poland due to the war.

The Lingva Polska platform was created to:
🔺help Ukrainians overcome the language barrier;
🔺 have the opportunity to find a decent job in Poland;
🔺to start a new life and develop in a new country

Free A1 and A2 courses are available on the platform, which are based on the unique methodology of Ukrainian polyglot and psycholinguist Vitaly Zubkov, who knows more than 20 languages.

What can you find on Lingva Polska?
🔹 10 thousand different exercises;
🔸popular phrases that you can use every day;
🔹stylish visualizations;
🔸dialogues read by professional native speakers;
🔹video instructions on how to study

🤩With no doubt, we announce that Lingva Polska is the FIRST platform in the WORLD for learning the Polish language for Ukrainians🇺🇦

Go to the platform and start studying 👇

Event announcement

We invite you to participate in the online project "Work in your field"

The project is conducted by the Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland with the support of the US Embassy in Warsaw. During November 2023-January 2024, 10 online employment events and conversation clubs to improve the English language will be organized for refugees from Ukraine.

The cycle of 5 employment lectures will be held twice, so if you are unable to attend any lecture, you have the opportunity to do so later.

The interactive employment course is now available.

Follow the link👇

Event announcement

We invite you
to the series of online meetings
"Strategy of Life: Self-Care Program for Ukrainians"

As part of this project, which is initiated by the UN Refugee Agency and the Ukrainian Education Hub in Poland, 15 online psychological self-help events will be held during the fall of 2023 for Ukrainian refugees living in Warsaw and the Masovian Voivodeship.

Main purpose

Promoting the integration of Ukrainians living in Poland into local communities

Coordination of the learning process and meaningful leisure time of Ukrainian children

Retraining of Ukrainians of working age

Mastering the most in-demand skills in the labor market

Communication platform for Ukrainians in Poland

Schedule of events

Number of events and participants

Ukrainian refugees who received support and training from July 2022
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Additional services

Learning the Polish language: services and applications

FREE English language learning platform

Teaching and testing the level of Ukrainian language proficiency

Advanced training for teachers "First psychological aid during war"

Career guidance testing based on artificial intelligence for students of grades 7-11

Career Consultant School

Training in the most in-demand skills among employers

Employment of Ukrainians in Poland

Educational institutions for Ukrainian children and teenagers in Poland

All-Ukrainian Project of Emotional Support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Kindergarten online


Our team

Mariia Bohuslav

Coordinator of Network of Ukrainian Educational Hubs – an Executive Director of the Association of Innovative and Digital Education

Tatiana Suchodolska

Coordinator of Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland

Anastasiia Antonenko

Project manager of Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland

Diana Kyslukho

Project manager of the Network of Ukrainian Education Hubs

Oksana Voronkina

Project Manager of the Association of Innovative and Digital Education, Coordinator of educational projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, SSI "Institute of Education Content Modernization", Municipal Enterprise "Kyiv City Educational Agency"

Victoria Serhiychuk

Teacher of the Polish language



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