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Online projects

"Work in your field"

10 online employment events.

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"Life Strategy: A self-care programme for Ukrainians"

15 online events on psychological self-help

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Educational platforms

Free language learning platforms


- Polish language Lingva Polska👉 https://lingvapl.org


- English language Lingva.Skills👉 https://lingva.ua



Speaking Clubs

English Speaking Clubs


- for teenagers aged 12-18 👉 HERE 


- for adults with native speakers 👉 HERE 




A space for children and adults!


Use your laptop with a cup of tea and some cookies.


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A series of four games

"Digital Ranger"

"Financial Independence Day"

"Career guidance in space"

"Hike for skills"


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Ukrainian library

Ukrainian and Polish,

children's, teenage and adult literature in Warsaw.

Read in our Hub or take it home.


Bring your read books to our collection!


Address: Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland, 77/79 Marshalkowska St., Warsaw

Board games evening

Every Saturday from 16:00 - 2 hours of play!


Mafia, Alias, UNO Minecraft, Memori, Checkers, Chess, Dominoes, Monopoly, Dixit, Memology, Explosive Kittens, Jenga and many more in a friendly company with tea and goodies.


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Online project "Work in your field"

In November 2023-January 2024, the Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland, with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, organized 10 online employment events and English language conversation clubs for refugees from Ukraine. The employment lectures were conducted in Ukrainian in an online format.

Duration of the lectures: 1.5 hours (1 hour lecture + 30 minutes Q&A session)

The interactive course on employment is now available.

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English Speaking Clubs with native speakers

English Speaking Clubs are for people who do not have the practice of communicating in everyday life but want to improve their English. We provide the opportunity to study in small groups with a native American speaker. Trainings are held online on the ZOOM platform.

You can listen to the lectures at the following link:  👇

A series of online meetings "Life Strategy: Self-care program for Ukrainians"

Within the framework of this project, initiated by the UN Refugee Agency and the Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland, 15 online events on psychological self-help were held in the fall of 2023 for Ukrainian refugees living in Warsaw and the Mazovian Voivodeship. The lectures were held in Ukrainian on the Zoom platform.

The topics included: “Self-help as the basis of mental health”, “Physical care”, “Development of emotional intelligence”, effective methods of positive thinking, “Lifelong learning”, “Basics of effective communication with children and adolescents under stress”, “Rights and protection of refugee children, support programs for Ukrainian children and families, School violence and prevention of SEA, Returning to work after a long break, Effective soft skills for a successful career, Emotional traps and emotional dependencies.

Duration of lectures: 1.5 hours (1 hour lecture + 30 minutes Q&A session)

Lecturers: Ukrainian-speaking psychologists and trainers

Free access to the course 👇

IT Online education

During the project, 3 courses on IT professions were held. Each course consisted of 6 lessons.

Training took place according to the following programs:

  • Designer
  • Web-designer
  • UX/UI

Learning took place online in a closed Facebook group and checking homework and communicating with course teachers took place in a closed Telegram group.


After completing the training programs, graduates had the opportunity to take an online course developed by the methodologists of the Ukrainian Educational Hub “Fundamentals of Freelancing. How to start and get results”.

The course is free for all participants and is hosted on the subdomain of the Network of Ukrainian Educational Hubs website.

This course was a supplement to the training, the graduates were able to familiarize themselves with the leading platforms for freelancing and the intricacies of such work to be able to master the acquired skills and continue working in this direction.

You can watch the video of the conference at link👇


On July 14, the big GRATEFUL UKRAINIAN CONFERENCE was held in Warsaw, within the framework of the Network of Ukrainian Educational Hubs with the support of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). 

During the conference, the Hub in Poland, presented the great work of the team.  Training for children and adolescents, workshops, seminars, courses, master classes, games and many other activities for all Ukrainians.

The event was attended by over 300 Ukrainian children, their parents/guardians and teachers who are currently living abroad due to the war. This event showed how grateful our Ukrainian people are to Poland for its warm welcome and assistance to all internally displaced persons.

This year we have been teaching both offline and online. Warsaw, Gdansk, Gdynia, Lublin, Wroclaw, Sopot – we were everywhere!  Ukrainian, Polish, English – we spoke and taught everything! We united to help others, for the sake of Victory, and we succeeded!

Training course for teenagers in Warsaw! "Migrating stories. How to tell your story to the world"

The Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland, with the support of UNHCR, hosted an exciting journey course where young people aged 15 to 20 with refugee and emigration experience not only learned new skills in video and photo editing, but also how to tell their unique story. The series of workshops were lively meetings where we talked, experimented and did cool things in a light and friendly atmosphere.

Over seven weekends: November 18-19 and 25-26, December 2-3 and 9, 2023, various workshops were held, including brainstorming and creating an “inspiration map”, storytelling and promoting your own content on social media around the world, a master class on photography and video, lighting and sound, processing and editing.

The master classes were held in the form of open discussions, inspiring exercises and practical tasks that will open the door to the future. After each meeting, participants were given a small homework assignment that could be completed using a smartphone, camera, or camera.

As a result of the course, the participants gained an understanding of the basic principles of composition, film scripting, learned how to tell a story through images, and mastered basic video and photo editing techniques, sound and special effects.

At the end of the workshops, an exhibition was created at the Educational Hub in Warsaw, where everyone could present their work. 


Board games night

We invite children and teenagers from 8 to 18 years old to board game nights. Mafia, Alias, UNO Minecraft, Memori, Checkers, Chess, Dominoes, Monopoly, Dixit, Memology, Explosive Kittens, Jenga, and many more in Ukrainian, Polish, and English languages. New acquaintances, a friendly and warm atmosphere with tea and goodies await you.

Registration is required via the link 👇

English Speaking Clubs for teens
aged 12-18!

Online English classes for teens aged 12-18 on the zoom platform.

  • No matter your level of English
  • No grammar or rules
  • Communication on various topics (choose your own in the registration form below)

Every Wednesday at 17:00 European time (18:00 Kyiv time)

Choose the date in the registration form by the link 👇

Ukrainian library at the Ukrainian Educational Hub in Warsaw

The Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland has a library of Ukrainian and Polish books. We have children’s, teenage and adult literature for different tastes. Take advantage of our space with a cup of coffee or tea and some snacks. You can also take selected books home with you (for up to 2 weeks).

We also have a bookcrossing system where you can bring your book in exchange for ours. If you have already read books on your shelves, please share them with others!

Join our initiative and add to the Ukrainian literary treasury in Poland.

Address: Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland, 77/79 Marshalkowska St., Warsaw, Poland

Coworking for children and adults

In the center of Warsaw at 77/79 Marshalkowska St., we have organized a space for learning, friendship and development. We provide laptops for work with internet access for you and your children. You can also use our Ukrainian library, which is constantly updated with new children’s and adult literature.

As part of this project, additional events are organized for Ukrainians: board game nights, workshops on various topics, Polish movie nights, conversation clubs, meetings, creative and literary evenings.

Address: Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland, 77/79 Marshalkowska St., Warsaw, Poland

Visits by appointment by e-mail 👇

Polish movie night and Polish Speaking Clubs

As learning Polish is a very important issue for Ukrainians, the Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland, with the support of the Central European Initiative (CEI), has created speaking clubs and Polish film nights. During the meetings at the Hub, participants watched films in a cosy company, communicated, discussed, shared their impressions, and practiced their speaking skills.

Watching films in the original language is one of the most effective ways to quickly learn the language you need, as well as to practice and expand your vocabulary.

A Telegram group was created to facilitate communication and discussions outside of working hours.

Psychological help for Ukrainians

Throughout the year, the Ukrainian Educational Hub in partnership with UNHCR provided meetings with psychological support groups for Ukrainians who are internally displaced in Poland. Psychological groups help to understand how to cope with stress better, how to help themselves and their children better adapt to changes in life during the war.  

The meetings were conducted by Anna Zubachova, a psychologist, family mediator and psychotherapist. 

Training course "Ukrainian refugee syndrome: dangerous uniqueness"

The Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland, with the support of the Central European Initiative (CEI), has created a series of practical trainings for Ukrainians entitled “Ukrainian Refugee Syndrome: Dangerous Uniqueness”. By understanding your psychological state, we want to help you prioritize and design your future. 

The speaker provided comprehensive information on effective methods of dealing with the “refugee syndrome” and helped to define the existential boundaries of your life. A special emphasis was placed on the current situation of the migrant community in Europe, especially when working and communicating with representatives of Ukrainian migration.

The training course consists of 5 topics:

  • Workshop “Faces of migration in the XXI century: phantoms and refugee syndromes”
  • Seminar “Ukrainian forced refugees as a unique phenomenon of the XXI century (since 2022)”
  • Seminar “The Danger of Refugee Syndrome: Methods of Coping”
  • Master class on storytelling “How to talk about war and forced migration”
  • Workshop “How to work with Ukrainian refugees in Europe: work algorithms for center coordinators and volunteers”

Course instructor: Iryna Yatsyk

A course of lectures on employment in Poland

The Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland with the support of the Central European Initiative (CEI) conducted a series of lectures “How to successfully find a job or start a business in Poland”

We organized a series of lectures where everyone could get valuable advice, information and support from our experts to help you navigate how and where to find a job that meets your needs and skills, as well as on writing a resume and preparing for interviews, legal aspects of employment and career development.

This course of seminars consisted of 5 meetings where Ukrainians had the opportunity to receive valuable advice, information and support from our experts to help them navigate how and where to find a job that meets their needs and skills, as well as resume writing and interview preparation, legal aspects of employment and career development.

Among the relevant topics were: 

  • The labor market for Ukrainians in Poland. 
  • Preparing for an interview, creating an effective CV, writing emails and motivational letters to employers and practical training
  • Legal aspects of employment
  • Starting a business in Poland
  • Taxes in Poland

Course speakers: Zhanna Palchevska, Mykhailo Onysko, Victoria Piasecka, Victoria Koshchavtseva, Militina Velikaya.

An acting course for teenagers aged 14+

Practical skills classes on breathing exercises, exercises to get rid of body clamps, exercises for understanding the text, exercises for confident behavior in the frame for teenagers who dream of becoming actors.

During the three sessions, the teenagers gained not only useful knowledge and practical skills, but also found like-minded people and friends.

Communication, interaction, communication, play, ingenuity, attention, openness are the main driving force during our trainings.

Quest-game "UKRAINIANS" for teenagers aged 11-16

A lot of interesting and diverse tasks in search of “Ukrainian fingerprints” developed with the use of materials that promote the study of Ukrainian and world culture, language, art, etc.

This game not only develops children, but also tests their knowledge, intelligence and attentiveness by delving into the history of countries.

Course of classes on Ukrainian history and ethnography for children aged 7-11 "MY Ukraine!"

An exciting journey into the world of knowledge about Ukrainian culture, traditions, ethnos and our origins. With the help of the course, children develop consciousness, patriotism and love for their country. During classes, children:

  • studied using interactive materials and modern methods
  • cut out, glued
  • sang, danced, watched cartoons
  • talked in a friendly circle and prepared tasty snacks.

Debate club for young people

Debates at the Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland are meetings with like-minded people and an opportunity to practice public speaking. The debates were attended by young people aged 16 to 21. They discussed the quality and quantity of school subjects, differences and similarities in the Ukrainian and Polish education systems.

The debates were held in a format developed by philosopher Karl Popper. Participants worked in teams, and each participant had the opportunity to speak and defend the position of their team. In this format, young people learned to express their opinions, argue their positions and convincingly influence the opinions of others.

It is always useful and meaningful, because it is a great opportunity to develop your communication skills!

The project is implemented by the Association for Innovative and Digital Education with the support of the Central European Initiative (CEI) and the Youth Foundation for European Initiatives.

Course instructor: Iryna Yatsyk

Public speaking club. Communication skills for young people

A live training format for teenagers and young people with a practicing trainer, a clear result at the end and a personalized list of exercises for further development.

The project was implemented by the Association for Innovative and Digital Education with the support of the Central European Initiative (CEI) and the Youth Foundation for European Initiatives.

During the trainings, participants learned to:

  • understand yourself and other people,
  • effective listening skills, communication with peers, parents and teachers,
  • easily meet and establish contact with peers,
  • behave appropriately in conflict situations,
  • verbal and non-verbal communication techniques,
  • teamwork,
  • identify personal qualities important for communication.

Course instructor: Iryna Yatsyk 

Lecture course "Secrets of the Polish language, everything you will never learn in Polish classes"

Unique online lecture course with Victoria Serhiichuk “Secrets of Polish language sound, everything you will never learn in Polish classes” from the Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland with the support of the Central European Initiative (CEI). 

The lecture course consisted of 10 topics:

Lecture 1: Facts about the Polish language, prejudices in Poland with conversational practice. How many roses should be given for a birthday and why the coat of arms, adidas, and scallop.

Lecture 2: Why do Poles make mistakes in spelling? What does napić się mean and when to use it. Famous people of Poland with spoken practice.

Lecture 3: Topic for drivers in Poland (vocabulary work), tour of Polish cities. Continuation of the Polish language with the help of gadgets and the environment.

Lecture 4. You will learn that Warsaw has its own Beijing. Modern Polish slang. Bar mleczny, is it a place where milk is poured? Kawały in Polish.

Lecture 5. Oglądać / patrzeć / widzieć. Spelling ż and ź. Names of streets in Poland. Polish sports with spoken practice.

Lecture 6. How to write a dismissal from physical education or an explanation for a child’s absence from school. Why is Italy called Wlochia? We will learn the dative case and remember that Dziękujemy PolakOM forever!

Lecture 7. How to sound a level higher in Polish? Is Polish really that easy? When we write ą- on, om; ę-en, em,

Lecture 8. How to spend a day off with Polish. Reasons for the language barrier. Practical lesson on the topic “Czas na wypoczynek”

Lecture 9. How Poles talk gently to themselves. Websites and textbooks for learning Polish. Vocabulary development on the topic “Symptoms. Visit to the doctor”.

 Lecture 10. What does “learn a word” mean in Polish? Why is granatowy dark blue? The most common mistakes we hear from foreigners. And a lot of interesting things.

For all those who could not join, we created SCORM-games – a series of four games that will take you on an exciting journey in four different directions and inspire you to further achievements.

  • “Digital Ranger”
  • “Financial Independence Day
  • “Career guidance in space”
  • “Hiking for skills”

Before you start your first game, you need to register 👇

"Lessons for Life" for Ukrainian teenagers

The “Lessons for Life” project for Ukrainian teenagers aged 12-17 was created jointly with the Association of Innovative and Digital Education, the Network of Ukrainian Education Hubs, the Pro Futuro Foundation, with the support of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The project not only helped me find new friends, but also provided me with useful knowledge that will be useful throughout my life:

  1. Digital literacy and internet safety
  2. Financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills
  3. Career guidance and building further education and career
  4. Soft skills 

The language of instruction is Ukrainian.

Format – online and offline on the basis of Ukrainian schools, training centers, or integration classes in Polish schools, or individually online.

Training Ukrainian teachers in 21st century skills and Polish language

The project for Ukrainian educators to acquire useful soft skills (psychology, stress management, digital skills, career management) and learn Polish was initiated by the Association for Innovative and Digital Education in cooperation with the Network of Ukrainian Education Hubs, with the support of the Pro Futuro Foundation and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

During the year, we trained four cohorts of Ukrainian teachers. Upon completion of the course, all participants received a Certificate of Advanced Training (1 ECTS credit).

The training was conducted both online and offline in Warsaw in Ukrainian with an additional course of Polish language. 

Author's program "Life Strategy"

The Life Strategy program is designed for adolescents aged 12 to 15 and is aimed at forming and developing the personal qualities and skills necessary for adolescents to be as successful as possible in all areas of life. The program was adapted for Ukrainian refugee teenagers studying in Polish schools.

The speaker of the course was Iryna Yatsyk, PhD in Philosophy, a trainer in soft skills development for adolescents and adults, mentor and existential coach, author of scientific papers and programs, and founder of the Center for Non-Formal Education “PROSTO”.

Class topics:

  • Studying during the war: chips, self-organization, habit formation
  • Leadership as a success or a burden?
  • Self-presentation through public speaking
  • Rhetoric and the art of persuasion
  • Goal setting + Time management
  • IQ-emotional intelligence + Communication
  • Non-verbal communication or why our movements are important
  • Teamwork or how to present yourself in a new class
  • Networking for teenagers or why it is important to be friends with classmates.

Project "Interactive Reading Club"

As part of the project, meetings were held with:

  • Yulia Bazylevska, a fairy tale therapist and psychologist who created a channel of wartime psychotherapeutic fairy tales in a telegram. At the meeting, she introduced the children to the fairy tale “Guzha and Fin,” which she wrote specifically for children who were evacuated abroad, and together with the children created several healing creative and playful practices.
  • Inna Dolennyk is a poet, writer, and author of books for children. She has published seven collections of poetry, including “In Half,” which is based on the image of a circle of peaceful life divided by war. She has also published two books of poems for children, Swings and Fables about Rud. She is a member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine. She is a winner of the Salt of Our Land award according to the Rare Bird international competition and has twice won the Crimean Fig award. In 2019, she received the Coronation of the Word special award. At the meeting, she presented a fantasy series for children based on Ukrainian mythology, which is to be published in Ukrainian and Polish.
  • Yevhen Volynskyi – known for translating poetry from Mazepa and Skovoroda to Zhadan and Kateryna Kalytko into Swedish, as well as translating Motorhead, Tom Waits, Metallica, Nirvana and other rock and roll classics into Ukrainian. At the meeting, the author introduced a format of interactive reading of gems of English, French, Swedish, and Jewish chanson in his own translation and presented a contemporary Ukrainian novel “Buddhacharita”.

The project is implemented at the Ukrainian Educational Hub in Poland with the support of the Youth Foundation for European Initiatives.

Online trainings for teenagers and youth

A series of online trainings for young people from the Network of Ukrainian Education Hubs in cooperation with UNICEF as part of the project on education for children and youth. Each meeting is dedicated to a specific topic and was held together with an invited guest (blogger, marketer, artists, etc.) on the Zoom platform.

Over the course of several months, we held more than 15 meetings with famous people, which were attended by more than 3000 people.

Among them:

  • Developing a personal brand and possible ways to monetize it from Oleksandra Shpychenko
  • Learning languages with Ivanna Yatsyk
  • Webinar “How to become a businessman in the modern world” with Militina Velikaya
  • Trainings on Minecraft from famous YouTube bloggers
  • Secrets of the Cinematic Frame from Valeria Skrypnyk
  • Meeting with the winner of The Voice project Sergiy Lazanovsky | RIDNYI
  • Training “Modern skills for a successful career” by Mariya Boguslav
  • “Why cryptocurrency is not your future?” with Jan Nakonechnyi

A series of online lectures "How to effectively learn a foreign language"

The lectures were delivered by Vitaly Zubkov, a well-known psycholinguist, polyglot, and author of the most popular educational project in Ukraine, Lingva.Skills.

During the 10 lectures, the speaker shared useful information from his own experience. Participants had a unique opportunity to work with the speaker individually, as each lecture was attended by one person who was willing to use an example to highlight important nuances and techniques of language learning.

Workshops, trainings and other events